Herbal Curriculum

Jennifer Galbraith, Herbalist

All curriculum is written by herbalist, Jennifer Galbraith. She has been teaching herbal medicine upstate South Carolina for close to a decade. She is passionate about bringing the knowledge of folk medicine to people young and old.

A Year in the Wild-Herbal Homeschool Curriculum

A Year in the Wild- June

A one month download filled with all of the information above!


A Year in the Wild- Full Curriculum

This herbs and nature curriculum walks you through one full year (12 months) in the wild with your little one. Great for ages 4-12 but can be customized as you see fit.

Use this alongside your homeschool curriculum or as bonus material after school.

In more than 200 pages, you will learn:

  • To observe the world around you
  • 24 plants/herbs and how they can be used
  • How to make herbal remedies
  • 60+ nature themed activities
  • Full moon information for every month!


Have Questions? Just ask! Whether it’s a question about what is included in the curriculum or a question while you are working through it, I am always here to help!

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