Herbal Curriculum

Jennifer Galbraith, Herbalist

All curriculum is written by herbalist, Jennifer Galbraith. She has been teaching herbal medicine upstate South Carolina for close to a decade. She is passionate about bringing the knowledge of folk medicine to people young and old.

A Year in the Wild-Herbal Homeschool Curriculum

A Year in the Wild- Full Curriculum

This herbs and nature curriculum walks you through one full year (12 months) in the wild with your little one. Great for ages 4-12 but can be customized as you see fit.

Use this alongside your homeschool curriculum or as bonus material after school.


A Year in the Wild- Seasonal

A three month download filled with all of the information above!


A Year in the Wild- monthly

A one month download filled with all of the information above!


Backyard Herbal Medicine Activity

One day lesson and activity about plant identification and foraging.


Outdoor Advent Calendar

Spend each day leading up to the holidays doing a fun outdoor activity. No snow required!

Preview one month of curriculum

Live video from Facebook previewing one month of curriculum

Have Questions? Just ask! Whether it’s a question about what is included in the curriculum or a question while you are working through it, I am always here to help!

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